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What is the process for adding a resume to my Common App profile?

I want to upload my resume to the Common App because I think it lays out my experiences and skills better than the activities section. Has anyone done this before and can guide me through how to do it? Do colleges even look at resumes submitted this way?

7 months ago

Hey there! I'm glad to hear you've put together a resume that you feel really showcases your strengths. To add a resume to your Common Application, you'll want to look for a section often titled 'Additional Information' or look for an upload button in the 'Writing' section of the application.

Not all colleges allow you to upload additional documents, so do check each college's requirements on their Common App page. Now, as for whether colleges look at resumes, yes, some do, but they'll primarily be reviewing the activities section of your Common App.

Your resume can be useful if you have more to say than there's space for in the activities section or if you've got some non-traditional experiences that don't fit neatly into their categories. Keep it concise and make sure it adds value beyond what's already included in your application.

If colleges allow for additional documents, they'll consider them, but also remember to not repeat information. Good luck with your applications!

7 months ago

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