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What Sets WashU Apart?

WashU (Washington University in St. Louis) is on my list because I've heard some good things, but I want to know more about their academics. Any current students or alumni here who can share what majors or programs really make WashU stand out from the rest?

7 months ago

Absolutely, happy to chime in! One of the standout features of WashU is their flexible yet rigorous interdisciplinary programs—they encourage students to take classes across different disciplines. The school is renowned for its medical school, so pre-med programs and anything related to biomedical research are top-notch. Their social work and architecture programs are also highly acclaimed.

In fact, if you're into collaborative research, WashU is a goldmine; the faculty are incredibly supportive of undergraduate research. WashU also prioritizes a very supportive and collaborative environment, which many students find very enriching and far less cutthroat than what you've probably heard about at some other top institutions.

Lastly, the campus and facilities are absolutely beautiful—small things like this really enhance the daily experience. If those majors or considerations resonate with you, it might be a great fit!

7 months ago

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