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MIT Common App Confusion: Do they accept it or not?

I've been working on my Common App and MIT is high on my list. Does anyone know if MIT accepts the Common App or do they have their own application platform? The answer seems to escape me even after googling.

7 months ago

Hello! I'd be happy to clarify this for you. MIT does not utilize the Common Application (Common App). Instead, they have their own platform known as the MIT application portal. You will need to complete their unique application process, which is specifically tailored to the kind of information MIT seeks from its prospective students. This includes a set of unique essays and a detailed activities section.

I advise that you visit the official MIT admissions website to create an account for their application portal and familiarize yourself with their requirements. Be mindful of MIT's application deadlines as well, as they may differ from the Common App's timelines. Best of luck in your application process—MIT is an excellent choice, and a well-prepared application will help you showcase your strengths and fit for this prestigious institution.

7 months ago

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