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What exactly defines an HBCU, and is Meharry considered one?

Hey folks, I've been hearing a lot about HBCUs and the unique opportunities they offer. I came across Meharry in my search and I'm a bit unsure—can someone tell me, what are the specific criteria that make a college an HBCU, and does Meharry meet them?

7 months ago

Hello! An HBCU, or Historically Black College or University, is defined as an institution established before 1964 with the primary mission of educating African Americans. These colleges and universities were founded at a time when African Americans were largely denied access to higher education due to segregation laws. HBCUs offer a culturally rich environment with opportunities that can be unique to these institutions, including strong mentorship, community support, and historical significance.

Meharry Medical College, located in Nashville, Tennessee, is indeed an HBCU. It is one of the oldest and largest historically black medical schools in the United States. Founded in 1876, Meharry was established to educate African American students in medicine and health sciences, a mission it proudly continues to this day.

Meharry is recognized for its contributions to the African American community and its commitment to training healthcare professionals to serve underserved populations. Therefore, Meharry not only meets the criteria of being an HBCU, but also stands as a testament to the ongoing legacy of these important institutions in advancing educational opportunities.

7 months ago

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