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Which AP classes are best for a high school student interested in nursing?

I'm aiming for a nursing program in college, so I want to use my time in high school to get ready for that. Can anyone recommend which AP classes would help prepare me for nursing school? Are there any specific science or math courses that I should prioritize?

7 months ago

Absolutely, I can offer some guidance on that. For a future nursing student, certain AP classes can serve as strong foundational preparation for your college coursework. Prioritizing science courses is a good strategy since nursing relies heavily on a scientific understanding of the human body and health.

AP Biology is a top choice because it provides an in-depth look at life processes and systems, which is directly applicable to fields like human anatomy and physiology. Similarly, AP Chemistry is beneficial, as nurses need to understand medication interactions and compounds. Those two should likely be at the top of your list.

For math, consider taking AP Statistics; it's highly valuable in nursing for understanding research and data in healthcare scenarios. Although not always directly related to daily nursing tasks, it's important for comprehending studies and health statistics you'll be working with. Equally essential is psychology, so if your school offers AP Psychology, that would be another excellent course to enroll in since nurses must understand patient behavior.

Beyond these, if your schedule allows, AP Environmental Science can offer insights into public health issues, which is a growing area in healthcare. Remember, colleges value the rigor of your course load, so taking APs shows that you're challenging yourself, which is a plus when applying to nursing programs.

Do keep in mind that while AP courses are helpful, they're one part of a bigger picture. Hands-on experience, if available to you, in a healthcare setting through volunteering or shadowing will also be incredibly beneficial. Lastly, don't forget to maintain a balanced schedule to avoid burnout. Best of luck with your studies and future career in nursing!

7 months ago

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