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What types of fraternities and sororities can I find at HBCUs?

I'm getting ready to apply to colleges and I'm really interested in Greek life. Do HBCUs have a different or unique range of fraternities and sororities compared to other colleges? I'm keen on understanding the community and networking opportunities they offer.

7 months ago

Absolutely! HBCUs have a vibrant Greek life scene. They are well-known for the Divine Nine, which are the nine historically Black Greek Letter Organizations that make up the National Pan-Hellenic Council. These organizations carry a proud legacy of history, culture, community service, and brotherhood/sisterhood.

Beyond social networking, these organizations are deeply involved in educational, economic, and civic activities. Greek life at an HBCU is a transformative experience for many students, fostering connections that extend well beyond college years. So, if you're looking to emerge as a campus leader and actively engage with the community while forming bonds that will last long after graduation, these organizations could be a great fit for you.

Just remember that each has its own unique identity and history, so it's worth researching which aligns best with your values and goals! Also, there may be HBCUs that don't have all of these organizations, or that don't have Greek life at all, so if you know for sure you want that to be a part of your college experience, make sure you're keeping that in mind as you do your research!

Good luck finding the right HBCU, and Greek scene, for you!

7 months ago

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