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What's the deal with general education courses in college?

I'm curious about the gen ed requirements once you're in college. Are they really necessary? I want to dive deep into my major, so I'm wondering how much time these general courses will take up in my schedule. How flexible are these requirements?

7 months ago

Hey there, I understand that you're eager to get started on your major courses, and I'm here to shed some light on general education (gen ed) requirements for you! Gen ed courses are a staple part of many college curriculums, serving to give students a well-rounded education and to foster critical thinking across various disciplines. Even if you're laser-focused on your major, these courses can enhance your overall learning and sometimes even complement your major in unexpected ways.

As for flexibility, it largely depends on the college you attend. Some schools have a strict set of gen ed courses you must take, while others offer a wide range of classes that fulfill these requirements, giving you more freedom to choose topics that interest you or that might have some cross-over with your major. For example, if you're a business major, you might be able to take economics as a gen ed requirement, which dovetails nicely with your field of study.

Typically, these courses are spread out over the first two years of your college education, allowing you to dive deeper into your major during your junior and senior years. I would recommend looking into the gen ed requirements of the specific colleges you're interested in to get a clearer picture. Ultimately, while you will need to dedicate some time to these courses, with thoughtful planning, you shouldn't find them to significantly detract from your major studies. Hope this helps!

7 months ago

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