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Maximizing College Choices: Common App Limit?

Hi fellow juniors, so I’m putting together my list of dream, target, and safety schools, and I’m a bit concerned about overdoing it. How many colleges can I actually apply to using the Common App? Is there such a thing as too many or too few? Would love to hear your thoughts and strategies on narrowing down your lists.

7 months ago

Hello! Great question as you gear up for the application process. The Common Application allows you to apply to up to 20 colleges. However, I would caution against using all 20 slots just because they're available. It's crucial to focus on quality over quantity. Too many applications can spread you thin, reduce the quality of each individual application, and can become quite expensive when you consider application fees. Aim for a manageable list that includes a mix of dream, target, and safety schools.

A good strategy is to research each school thoroughly to ensure it’s a good fit for you academically, socially, and financially. Think about program strengths, campus culture, location, and cost. Usually, a balanced list includes about 5-8 schools, but this can vary depending on your individual circumstances. As you refine your list, consider visiting campuses, talking to alumni, and reaching out to school's admissions representatives to get a better feel for the school. It's about finding the right fit for you, not just the prestige of the college. Good luck with your applications!

7 months ago

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