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What's the difficulty level of the Anatomy and Physiology CLEP exam?

I'm eyeing the Anatomy and Physiology CLEP exam since I'm into pre-med and it could give me a solid head start. Anyone who's taken it, could you shed some light on how tough it was and if it's manageable with self-study? Any tips would be super appreciated!

7 months ago

Hey there! I took the Anatomy and Physiology CLEP exam a while back as part of my prep for a nursing program. I found it to be challenging but definitely manageable with a structured study plan. My biggest tip is to get a good review book that's specifically for the CLEP exam and make flashcards for all the different systems and terms—you'll encounter a lot of them.

Also, since it's a broad topic, focus on understanding concepts rather than memorizing details, as the exam often requires you to apply your knowledge rather than just recall facts. YouTube videos were a lifesaver for me, especially for understanding complex processes. If you're disciplined in your self-study and set aside regular time for review, you can totally ace this exam. Practice tests will be your friend here, they help you get familiar with the type of questions asked. Good luck!

7 months ago

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