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What high school classes should I prioritize for graduation requirements?

Feeling a bit stressed trying to figure out my schedule for next year. Can someone tell me which classes are absolutely essential for high school graduation? I want to make sure I meet all my requirements but also have room for electives I'm passionate about.

7 months ago

I understand that scheduling can be a tough jigsaw puzzle at times, and it's great that you're being proactive about fulfilling your graduation requirements! Each high school has its own specific set of courses that students must complete to graduate, and these typically include a certain number of credits in core academic areas such as English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Most schools also require a certain number of credits in Physical Education, Arts, and sometimes Foreign Language as well as electives.

To ensure you cover all the necessities, it's crucial to check with your high school's graduation requirements, often found on the school's website or in the student handbook. Once you have that list, you can start planning around those core courses. If you have space, you can then fit in those electives you're passionate about. Remember, your elective choices can really showcase your personal interests and strengths to future colleges or employers. Prioritize getting a balance of required courses and those electives that will allow you to explore your interests further.

If you find it overwhelming, reach out to your school counselor. They can help you get a solid plan in place, ensuring you meet all the necessary criteria while also engaging in courses that excite you. Best of luck with your schedule planning!

7 months ago

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