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How can I take college credit courses as a high school student?

Hey everyone! I'm a junior starting to think about maximizing my future applications, and I'm really curious about college credit courses while still in high school. How do they work, and where can I find these classes? Also, do colleges view these courses favorably compared to AP classes? Any info would be super helpful!

7 months ago

Hello! It's great that you're looking into college credit courses as a junior. These courses are often offered through what's called dual enrollment programs, which allow you to take courses at a local community college or sometimes even at a four-year university while you're still in high school. The credits you earn can potentially transfer to college, giving you a head start. You can find these programs by talking to your high school counselor or looking at the website of nearby colleges.

When it comes to how colleges view these courses in comparison to AP classes, it can depend on the institution. Some might give equal weight to both AP and college credit courses, while others may favor AP courses because of the standardized curriculum and exam. What's most important is taking challenging courses relevant to your interests and excelling in them.

Also, consider how the subject matter aligns with your intended major or academic interests, as this can showcase your dedication and preparedness for advanced study in that area. Make sure to maintain a balance that allows you to keep up with the rigor and do well grade-wise!

7 months ago

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