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How Can I Get the HBCU Experience Without Breaking the Bank?

I'm sold on the culture and history of HBCUs, but finances are a big concern for me. Does anyone have a 'money guide' or tips for attending an HBCU on a budget? Scholarships, work-study, grants—I'm all ears for ways to afford this dream!

7 months ago

I hear you on managing costs for college—it's a challenge that requires planning and research. For HBCUs, your first step is to look into each school's scholarships and grants, as many have funds specifically for supporting their students. My child applied for institutional scholarships and it made a big difference.

Don't forget to fill out your FAFSA form to tap into federal grants and work-study opportunities that can also reduce the cost. Work-study jobs are often available on campus, so they're convenient and tailored to student schedules.

You might also consider looking for scholarships from alumni groups or local community organizations that want to support students attending HBCUs.

Last but not least, check if the HBCU you're interested in offers a tuition payment plan, which can allow you to spread the cost over several months instead of paying in one lump sum. It requires a bit of legwork, but there are definitely resources out there to help make your dream more affordable!

7 months ago

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