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Anyone taken a forensic science high school course?

Hey guys! Been watching way too many crime shows and now I'm super into the idea of taking a forensic science course at my high school. For those who've taken it, how did you find it? Also, thinking ahead to college apps, does it look good to have classes like that, which show specific interest, or should I stick to more general science courses?

7 months ago

Hey there! I completely understand the appeal of forensic science courses, especially with all the gripping crime shows we have! Many students who take forensic science in high school find it to be a fascinating bridge between theoretical science and practical application. It often includes a mix of biology, chemistry, and critical thinking skills as they apply to law enforcement and criminal investigations.

As for your question about college apps, colleges do like to see that you're pursuing your interests, especially if you may want to continue in that field in college. Taking a specialized class like forensic science can definitely add a unique flavor to your transcript and can spark an interesting conversation during interviews or in your personal statement, particularly if it connects to a future career goal or personal passion.

However, remember to also maintain a strong foundation in the core science subjects, such as biology, chemistry, and physics, especially if you're considering a science-related major in college. Balancing your schedule with both core sciences and electives like forensic science can provide both breadth and depth to your academic profile.

For example, one of my students who took a forensic science course in high school went on to major in criminal justice and mentioned how that class confirmed her passion for the field in her application essays. So if it genuinely interests you and you can fit it into your schedule without compromising your core courses, I say go for it!

7 months ago

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