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do universities like gap years

Hey everyone, I'm considering taking a gap year before heading to college. Do colleges view gap years favorably, or could it harm my admissions chances? I want to travel and volunteer, which I feel could really help me grow as a person before starting college. Has anyone here taken a gap year, and did you find that admissions officers appreciated the experiences you gained during that time?

7 months ago

Hello there! Taking a gap year can indeed be a valuable experience, and many universities are open to applicants who choose to do so. It's all about how you use the time and what you learn from it.

In your gap year, if you're traveling and volunteering, those activities can offer you a breadth of experiences and maturity that colleges appreciate. Admissions officers often look for growth, perspective, and initiative, which can be demonstrated through the activities you engage in during a gap year. Just remember to have a clear plan for your gap year and be prepared to articulate what you learned or how you've changed when you apply to college. Focus on personal development and try to engage in activities that align with your long-term goals or interests.

For example, I once guided a student who used his gap year to build homes for communities in need, and he was able to reflect on that experience in his application, showing a strong commitment to service and a greater understanding of global issues. Colleges noticed and appreciated his maturity and dedication, leading to successful admissions outcomes. Best of luck in your decision!

7 months ago

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