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How Do Online Art Classes Impact My High School Portfolio?

Hey everyone, I'm pondering whether to take online art classes to enhance my skills and portfolio. Can these be considered a legitimate part of my high school art experience when applying to colleges? Has anyone done this and found it beneficial for their admissions journey?

7 months ago

Absolutely! Online art classes are a terrific way to enhance your skills and can definitely be included in your high school art portfolio. I've worked with students who've taken online courses and found them extremely beneficial, especially when they're able to produce work that showcases their development and creativity. These courses illustrate your dedication to improving your art, and the discipline required to commit to self-paced study is impressive to admissions committees.

In your portfolio, the quality and uniqueness of your work are what really matter. By expanding your techniques and expressing your perspectives through your online lessons, your portfolio becomes richer and more varied, potentially giving you an edge. When mentioning online classes in your applications, it's helpful to discuss specific skills or styles you've learned, and any unique projects you've created as a result of these classes. Colleges appreciate students who take initiative in their learning journeys, and this can indeed reflect positively on your applications.

7 months ago

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