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Famous Alumni from HBCUs

Hi all, I'm trying to get a feel for the impact of HBCUs and I'm curious, does anyone know of some famous people who attended HBCUs? Like, what kind of fields have they gone into? It's really motivating to see successful figures who share a similar educational background. Any examples would be super appreciated!

7 months ago

Absolutely, HBCUs have an impressive list of alumni across various fields!

For instance, in politics and civil rights, we have the iconic Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who attended Morehouse College.

In the world of entertainment, there's Spike Lee, a filmmaker and Morehouse alum, and Oprah Winfrey who attended Tennessee State University.

If we're talking about science, Katherine Johnson, the NASA mathematician featured in 'Hidden Figures', graduated from West Virginia State. F

or those interested in business, Earl Graves Sr., the founder of Black Enterprise Magazine, went to Morgan State University.

And let's not forget about the literary giant, Toni Morrison, an alumna of Howard University.

These individuals not only reached the pinnacle of their careers but also often contribute to the wider community, inspiring the next generation of leaders from HBCUs. So, regardless of the field you're interested in, you can find HBCU grads who have made significant marks on the world!

7 months ago

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