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Are all CLEP exams formatted as multiple choice, or do they vary?

Hey y'all, quick question about CLEP exams - are they all multiple choice or are there other formats? Just trying to get a sense of what kind of test-taking strategies I should be developing. Thanks in advance!

7 months ago

Hello there! From what I know, the format of CLEP exams can vary, but the vast majority are indeed predominantly multiple-choice. Some of the exams may also include essays, fill-in-the-blank, or other question types depending on the subject matter. For example, the College Composition exam includes an essay section. It’s really important to check the details for each specific CLEP exam you're planning to take so you can prepare accordingly. The College Board website provides some sample questions and additional information for each test which can be super helpful.

For multiple-choice strategies, practice eliminating obvious wrong answers to narrow down your choices, and with subjects that require essays, having a clear and structured response is key. My daughter found it very advantageous to do timed practice tests to get used to the pace of the real exam. Best of luck studying!

7 months ago

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