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Talladega College as an HBCU choice - anyone got the inside scoop?

Currently a high school junior and digging through my college options. Talladega College caught my eye – I know it's an HBCU, but I don't hear about it as much as others. Anyone here have experiences or insights about Talladega's academics, campus life, or just generally what it's like? Would love to get a better feel for the place!

7 months ago

That's a great college to consider! My niece went to Talladega College and she had a positive experience. One thing she always highlighted was the close-knit community and how engaging the campus life was. There were plenty of events and organizations that celebrated their history and culture as an HBCU. Academically, she appreciated the smaller class sizes, which allowed for more personalized attention from the professors.

One tip she gave me was to visit the campus if you can, as it'll give you a good sense of whether you feel at home there. Also, checking out the college's social media pages and reaching out to current students or alumni can provide additional insights. Don't hesitate to contact the admissions office as well; they're usually more than happy to answer questions from prospective students. Good luck with your college search!

7 months ago

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