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What are some creative yet educational activities for high school health class?

Can anyone share some fun and educational activities that really stuck with you in health class? Trying to suggest some new ideas to my teacher that could make our classes more engaging!

7 months ago

Absolutely! I remember coordinating with our health teachers to integrate a few activities that students loved. One effective exercise is hosting a 'Nutrition Label Scavenger Hunt' where students work in teams to find specific information on food labels, like trans fats or fiber content—this promotes reading labels and understanding nutritional value. Another idea is 'Real-life CPR Training,' often the hands-on practice can be empowering and memorable.

Also, role-playing exercises about peer pressure scenarios give students a chance to practice saying 'no' in safe, low-stakes environment, which builds confidence for real-world situations. Finally, a 'Mental Health Awareness Project' where students create posters or presentations on different mental health topics can foster empathy and understanding within the classroom. These not only engage students but also provide practical life skills.

7 months ago

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