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Rumor has it some colleges want AP scores - true or false?

I've heard mixed things about AP scores being required for college admissions. Are there specific schools that expect you to submit these scores? Or are they just for placement and credit once you're in? Honestly just trying to figure out how important these scores are in the big picture.

7 months ago

It's a common question, and the straightforward answer is that AP scores are not typically required for college admissions. They're mainly used for placement purposes and to potentially earn college credit once you're admitted to a university.

That being said, having strong AP scores on your application can showcase your academic rigor and subject mastery, which can strengthen your overall application. However, since most colleges practice a holistic review of applicants, your AP scores are just one part of a larger picture that includes your grades, course rigor, essays, extracurricular activities, and more.

If you score well on your AP exams, including those scores on your application can be beneficial, but don't worry if your scores are not as high as you hoped – you can choose not to report them. Focus on performing well in your AP courses, as the grades in those courses and the course rigor will play a more significant role in admissions decisions. If you're particularly proud of some AP exam scores, by all means, include them; they can serve as an additional positive data point in your favor.

7 months ago

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