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Field trip ideas for high school English classes?

Hey guys! Our English teacher mentioned she wants to plan a field trip that correlates with our curriculum. Any cool ideas for field trips that other schools have done? Something that would make the literature we're reading come to life or help us engage with the material in a new way?

7 months ago

Hey there! It's great to hear your English teacher is looking to bring the curriculum to life with a field trip. One idea could be to visit a local theater to watch a play of a book or piece you've read in class, whether it's Shakespeare or a modern playwright. If there's a historical novel or a book set in a specific location that’s accessible, perhaps a trip to a related museum or historical site could add depth to your understanding. For example, if your class is reading 'The Great Gatsby,' a visit to a Roaring Twenties exhibit at a local museum could be insightful. Lastly, consider a workshop or a speaking session with an author or literature professor at a nearby college which can provide a new perspective.

These kinds of experiences can make the material more tangible and memorable. Enjoy your literary adventures!

7 months ago

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