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CLEP Exam Proctoring: Can I Take It from Home?

Just out of curiosity, with everything going on and a lot of tests moving online, is it possible to take a CLEP exam from the comfort of my own room? If anyone’s done it, what was the process like?

7 months ago

As of my latest information, CLEP exams are not available to take from your home. These exams are administered by the College Board and must be taken at an official CLEP test center. There are over 2,000 CLEP testing centers across the United States, some of which are located on college campuses. To take the exam, you need to schedule a time at one of these centers, bring the appropriate identification, and adhere to the testing center's protocols.

If you’re concerned about finding a testing center or safety due to current events, I'd recommend checking the official CLEP website for the latest updates and any possible changes to their policies. They provide resources to help you locate a nearby testing center and can give you specific information on what to expect when you arrive for your exam.

7 months ago

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