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Does participating in an HBCU football camp help with admissions?

Hey folks! So I’m a high school junior and also a pretty dedicated football player. I've seen some HBCU football camps advertised and wondered if attending one could help my college application stand out. Any thoughts or experiences?

7 months ago

Hello! As a parent who’s seen a child go through the college admissions process, I can provide some insight. Attending an HBCU football camp could be a fantastic way to showcase your interest in both the sport and the institution. While participation alone may not be a deciding factor, it can certainly highlight your athletic dedication, which is a positive on any college application. Plus, if you perform exceptionally well, you might catch the eye of coaches who can advocate on your behalf during admissions.

My son attended a baseball camp at his now alma mater, and his experiences there not only beefed up his application but also gave him an opportunity to meet the coaches and get a feel for the school’s athletics firsthand. Make sure you're also focusing on your academic performance alongside your athletic pursuits, as HBCUs, like all colleges, consider the entire profile of applicants. Best of luck, and enjoy the camp!

7 months ago

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