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Biology CLEP Exam: What's a Good Passing Score?

Okay, so I'm sweating over here trying to figure out what score I should be aiming for on the Biology CLEP exam. Does anyone know what’s considered a pass, or what score is good enough to get me college credit at most places?

7 months ago

Hey there, don't let the stress get the best of you! For the CLEP Biology exam, a passing score is typically a 50 or higher, which is equivalent to a college grade of 'C.' This standard is set by the American Council on Education, but individual colleges might set different passing scores according to their own criteria. To be safe, aim for the highest score you can, but remember that scores of 50 or above are generally considered passing.

To know exactly what score will earn you credit at the specific colleges you are interested in, check their admissions or testing websites, or give their admissions office a call. They are usually very helpful with this type of inquiry. Good luck with your studying, and remember, preparation is key, so be sure to review all your materials thoroughly!

7 months ago

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