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Looking for colleges with strong history departments – any recommendations?

I'm a history buff and I've been trying to compile a list of colleges known for their history majors. What should I keep an eye out for when researching, and does anyone know colleges that are particularly strong in this field?

7 months ago

It's great to hear about your passion for history! When researching colleges with strong history departments, look for schools with faculty who are actively publishing in your areas of interest. Also, check if they offer a broad range of history courses, specialized research opportunities, internships, and study abroad programs that focus on historical study.

For instance, schools like Yale, Princeton, and Harvard are often lauded for their robust history programs. However, there are many other institutions like the University of Chicago, UC Berkeley, and Stanford that have very strong history departments with diverse research opportunities.

In addition to these well-known universities, consider places like the College of William & Mary, which is known for its history programs, especially colonial American history. Williams College and Swarthmore are smaller liberal arts colleges with excellent history programs that might offer a different kind of academic environment.

Remember, the 'fit' is key – you want to find a department where you'll be able to engage with the material and thrive academically. Attend virtual or in-person information sessions for these programs if possible, to gain insight into what they offer and to see how they resonate with you.

7 months ago

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