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Is there a way to get a fee waiver for CLEP exams?

Hey everyone, so Ive been looking into taking a few CLEP exams to save on college credits and costs, but the fees are kind of steep for me. Does anyone know if there's a process to apply for a fee waiver or some sort of financial assistance for these exams? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

7 months ago

Hi there! Yes, there is a way to receive financial assistance for CLEP exams. Students who are eligible for the College Board's SAT testing fee waiver are also eligible for CLEP exam fee waivers. If you qualify for a SAT fee waiver, you're automatically eligible to waive the CLEP exam fee for the first two exams. After those two, you'll need to cover the cost on your own.

Contact your school counselor to discuss your eligibility for a SAT fee waiver. If you're homeschooled or not currently enrolled in school, reach out directly to the CLEP services through the College Board. They can guide you through the process. Remember, while the CLEP fee waiver covers your exam fee, there may still be a separate administration fee charged by the test center, so check with them, too. Taking advantage of these waivers can significantly reduce your cost and help you save on college credits. Best of luck with your exams!

7 months ago

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