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What's the reputation of psychology programs at HBCUs?

Hi all! I'm super passionate about studying psychology and I've been looking into HBCUs. Does anyone know how the psychology department of HBCUs generally are? What about research opportunities, internships, or the strength of the alumni network for psych majors?

7 months ago

Psychology programs at HBCUs can vary quite a bit, but many pride themselves on a culturally rich and supportive environment that can be particularly beneficial for studies in social sciences. For instance, Howard University is known for its strong psychology program where students get opportunities to engage in significant research, especially in areas concerning the African American community.

Research opportunities and the strength of alumni networks will depend on the specific institution. It's recommended to look into each HBCU's psychology department individually through their websites and contact faculty or the admissions office to inquire about specific programs, research opportunities, and partnerships they may have for internships. If possible, try to connect with current students or alumni online to get firsthand accounts. Remember, a strong alumni network can be advantageous for internships and job opportunities post-graduation, so look into the active presence of alumni associations for the psychology department.

Additionally, career services at each college can provide statistics on internship placements and job outcomes for their grads, which can further guide your decision. Good luck with your search!

7 months ago

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