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Are there any specific high school extracurriculars that could help me target HBCUs?

What's up! So I'm trying to plan out my junior year activities and thinking ahead for college. I'm super interested in attending an HBCU and kinda stressed about making my application stand out. Are there any extracurriculars or community service activities you all think might be particularly appealing to HBCUs?

7 months ago

Hello there! It's commendable that you're strategically planning your extracurricular involvement with your college goals in mind. HBCUs, much like other institutions, value applicants who show deep engagement and leadership in their activities. To stand out, consider pursuing leadership roles in clubs that celebrate cultural diversity or community service projects focused on social justice or education. If there are organizations in your school or community that are aligned with the history and mission of HBCUs, such as the NAACP Youth Council or Urban League, getting involved could speak volumes. Also, if your school offers courses or clubs that emphasize African American history and culture, taking a leadership role in those can reflect your affinity for HBCUs’ academic environment.

Finally, embracing activities that foster community building and demonstrate your commitment to service align well with the ethos of many HBCUs. Remember, authenticity in your pursuits is key; choose activities you are truly passionate about. Best of luck!

7 months ago

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