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How do study abroad high school programs impact college admissions?

Feeling a bit stressed and need some advice! I've been considering a study abroad program for next summer, but I'm worried about how it would fit into my college application timeline. Has anyone done a high school study abroad program and can share their experience? Do colleges value this sort of thing?

7 months ago

It's great that you're looking into enriching educational experiences like study abroad programs! Broadly speaking, colleges see study abroad experiences in high school as positive, as they often foster independence, adaptability, and an appreciation for global perspectives. Participating in such a program can help differentiate you from other applicants, especially if you can articulate what you learned or how you grew from the experience in your essays or interviews.

Moreover, if you're interested in a major related to international studies, languages, or cultural studies, it can add further depth to your application.

Where it fits into your application timeline is a matter of planning; ensure that you're meeting all other application requirements and deadlines, and using your summers effectively. Summer before senior year can be a critical time for college application prep, so balance is key. A study abroad experience can be a meaningful part of your personal growth and your college applications as long as it’s well-integrated with your overall academic and extracurricular planning.

7 months ago

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