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Target HBCU Design Challenge - Worth participating for college apps?

So I found out about the Target HBCU Design Challenge recently, and I'm curious if it would be a good extracurricular to add to my college apps. Does anyone know if participating in these kinds of competitions makes a difference to admissions officers, especially if I'm aiming for design or business programs at HBCUs?

7 months ago

Absolutely, participating in the Target HBCU Design Challenge is a valuable extracurricular activity to include in your college applications, particularly if you're interested in design or business programs.

Competitions like this demonstrate to admissions officers that you're actively engaged in your field of interest and are taking steps to build relevant skills outside the classroom. These types of design challenges are akin to Tier 2 or Tier 3 extracurriculars, depending on the level of recognition or leadership you achieve within the competition. They allow you to showcase problem-solving capabilities, teamwork, and real-world application of business principles.

Moreover, highlighting your involvement with HBCU-focused initiatives can also show your dedication to cultural and educational communities that HBCUs represent. If the challenge has a significant impact on your personal growth or dovetails with your academic interests, ensure that your application reflects these experiences. You could even consider how this challenge impacted you in your essays, which is a great way to provide context for your achievements and helps paint a picture of your passion and commitment to your field.

Just remember, when listing this experience, detail your role, the skills you developed, and any accomplishments that came out of the competition. This will give admissions committees a clearer view of your contribution and the value you would bring to their campus.

7 months ago

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