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When do HBCU football games usually kick off in the year?

Getting pumped for the upcoming football season and trying to plan my senior year calendar. For those with the know on HBCU football games, when do they usually start? I'm trying to catch a few games to feel the campus vibe and see if an HBCU could be right for me. Also, are there any recommendations on must-see games or events for someone new to this scene?

7 months ago

Hey! Great move incorporating college football games into your campus visits – it certainly adds an exciting layer to the experience. Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) typically kick off their football season in early September, just like most other colleges.

If you can, try to attend a homecoming game. It's a big deal at HBCUs, featuring parades, tailgates, and plenty of community spirit! Also, the Bayou Classic, the annual showdown between Grambling State and Southern University, is an iconic game that goes beyond football, celebrating HBCU culture with phenomenal bands and a vibrant atmosphere. Checking out the Classic could be an electrifying intro to HBCU life.

If you're looking around for a list of games, each school's athletics website should have a schedule posted. Enjoy the games!

7 months ago

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