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What Makes a College an HBCU?

Hey everyone, I've been considering applying to HBCUs but I'm not quite sure what actually qualifies a college as an HBCU. Does it only relate to historical context or are there specific programs or cultural elements that define them today? How does this influence the campus experience?

7 months ago

To qualify as an HBCU, a college must have been established before 1964 with a principal mission to educate African Americans. While HBCUs were originally founded to provide educational opportunities to Black students during a time of segregation, they now serve students of all races.

In terms of campus experience, these institutions have a unique historical and cultural significance based around fostering a strong sense of community and supporting the African American experience. These values typically lead to culturally affirming environment, a curriculum that emphasizes Black history and studies, and a campus that serves as a hub for discussions on racial issues.

Additionally, HBCUs often have strong, loyal alumni networks, which can be beneficial for mentorship and career opportunities. As you consider applying, think about the cultural and supportive elements HBCUs offer and whether they align with your goals for college. Best of luck with your search!

7 months ago

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