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Experience of homeschoolers with the PSAT

Quick Q: any homeschoolers out there who've taken the PSAT? How did you guys go about registering and finding a place to take it? Wondering what extra steps I might need to take.

7 months ago

Hey there! I'm glad to see you're taking a proactive approach to your standardized testing! As a homeschooler, you'll need to arrange for a place to take the PSAT just like you would with the SAT. The College Board provides some helpful guidance for students in your situation.

Typically, you should reach out to local high schools to see if they administer the PSAT and if they'll allow you to participate. It's important to contact them early, as different schools may have varying policies and capacities. Make sure to mention that you're a homeschooled student looking to register for the PSAT.

Most schools are quite accommodating, but don't be discouraged if the first school you contact can't help you; simply try another local school. Keep in mind that registration deadlines are usually in the fall, so planning ahead is key. Good luck!

7 months ago

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