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Insights into Columbia University's campus life?

Juniors, seniors, alums, anyone really, I need your help! Columbia’s always been on my radar and I just wanna get the scoop. How do students manage the Core Curriculum and still explore their majors passionately? Is the environment super tense, or do people chill out every now and then? Tell me everything - the good, the bad, and the unexpected!

7 months ago

Hey there! The Columbia experience is definitely a unique one. The Core Curriculum is definitely the star of Columbia's academic culture, it's true. But typically, students find their Core classes just as enriching as the ones they sought out themselves for their major.

Since these courses are the foundation of a Columbia education, they are taught by excellent professors, not just delegated to grad students, and often have access to experiences you might not otherwise have, like guided museum visits for "Art Humanities." Additionally, these classes are often smaller than the introductory level courses you'll often be in as a freshman, so they can present a unique opportunity to bond with your peers and professors early on.

And, you still have plenty of time to dive deep into your major and other interests. The Core Curriculum takes up about a third of your courses and your major takes up about another third (potentially more for certain intensive majors in engineering or the hard sciences), so you still have over a year's worth of classes to explore to your heart's desire!

As for the vibes on campus, definitely a mix of both serious study times and relaxation! You will be spending a lot of time in the library, for sure, but it's not uncommon to see impromptu frisbee games on the lawns, or just hanging out on the steps of Low Library when the weather's nice. And, of course, New York City is right at your fingertips, and Columbia students are usually highly motivated to take advantage of their location and explore all that the world's capital has to offer.

If you'd like to know more about Columbia, visiting the campus yourself, if feasible, is the best way to get a sense for how the school's vibe aligns with what you're looking for. If that isn't possible, online information sessions, or reaching out to to current students via email, is the next best thing. Good luck with your college decision!

7 months ago

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