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How to approach ethnic studies in California high schools for college apps?

Hey everyone! I'm considering taking ethnic studies at my high school in California since it's becoming a big thing here, and I've heard colleges like to see you tackle complex subjects. How should I present this on my college apps to show I'm engaged with diverse perspectives and its relevance to my goals?

7 months ago

That's a fantastic initiative! Engaging in ethnic studies demonstrates a willingness to understand diverse perspectives, and it can be a great asset to your college applications. To present it effectively, focus on how the coursework has influenced your worldview and critical thinking skills.

Discuss any specific projects, papers, or discussions that changed how you approach problems or led to community involvement. If the subject aligns with your future goals, draw those connections. For example, if you aspire to be in public service, explain how understanding societal complexities through ethnic studies equips you with the empathy and knowledge to serve a diverse public.

Be specific and thoughtful, and this course can be a unique aspect of your application that you highlight.

7 months ago

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