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How do I find the US News and World Report rankings for HBCUs?

Hey y'all, I'm in the process of ranking colleges for myself and I've heard that US News has specific rankings for HBCUs. Does anyone know where I can find the most recent HBCU rankings from US News and World Report? I want to see how my preferred colleges match up in terms of national standing.

7 months ago

Hi there! I can guide you on where to find those rankings. US News and World Report does indeed publish a list specifically ranking HBCUs each year. To find the most recent rankings, you'll want to visit the US News and World Report website and navigate to the 'Education' section. Under 'Education,' you should find 'Colleges' and there you can look for the rankings section. They usually have a link that says 'Rankings' and within that, you can select 'Historically Black Colleges and Universities' to see their latest list.

Remember, while rankings can provide a glimpse into how institutions are perceived on a national level, I always encourage students to consider how each college aligns with their personal and academic goals. Use rankings as one of many tools to assess the schools you're interested in.

7 months ago

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