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What's the formula for a strong waitlist essay?

Ugh, just got waitlisted at one of my top choices and they allow for an additional essay. I want to make sure I nail it. Does anyone know what elements to include in a waitlist essay that could sway the admissions officers in my favor? Anecdotes? Reaffirming interest? Help!

7 months ago

The situation is understandably frustrating, but here's a silver lining: the waitlist essay is your opportunity to add new information and emphasize your enthusiasm for the school. Start by explicitly stating that the college is your top choice and that you will attend if accepted. Delve into specific reasons why the school is the perfect fit for you, which can include new academic interests that align with the school's programs or recent achievements that occurred after your initial application.

It's crucial to mention any new academic or extracurricular accomplishments to strengthen your case. If you've improved your grades, won an award, or taken on new responsibilities, these are all worth highlighting. Including a brief anecdote can be effective, especially if it underscores your growth or ties back to the school's values or opportunities. Remember to keep it concise—admissions officers have a lot to review. And most importantly, proofread to avoid any errors that could detract from your message. Good luck!

7 months ago

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