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HBCU Football: How do their stadiums compare?

I've always been a huge fan of football and I'm currently checking out colleges. I keep hearing about the vibe at HBCU football games and I'm curious, how do HBCU football stadiums stack up in size and atmosphere compared to other college football stadiums? I'd also appreciate any insights on which HBCUs have the best game-day experiences!

7 months ago

As someone whose child recently chose an HBCU partly because of the sports culture, I can share a bit! HBCU football stadiums may not be as large as some of the massive ones you'll find at big state schools, but what they sometimes lack in size, they make up for in energy and community spirit. The bands, the halftime shows, and the crowd participation are experiences you don't want to miss. An HBCU game is less about the scale and more about the celebration of the game, the school's culture, and its history.

As for specific schools, it's worth looking into Howard University for their homecoming game or Grambling State and Southern University when they face off in the Bayou Classic. These events are highly anticipated each year and are a central part of the game-day experience. Also, the Magic City Classic where Alabama A&M and Alabama State University compete is known for creating an electrifying atmosphere. Be sure to check out some games if you have the chance!

7 months ago

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