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Which summer online courses would boost my college app?

Hey folks, I'm planning ahead for this summer and I'm thinking about taking some online courses to strengthen my college application. Can anyone recommend specific online courses that would look impressive on a college app? Especially interested in ones that could relate to a potential major in biochemistry.

7 months ago

Hey there! Great initiative in planning for your summer. For a potential major in biochemistry, you might consider looking into online courses offered by accredited universities. Courses in molecular biology, organic chemistry, or biostatistics can demonstrate your interest and commitment to the field.

Additionally, look for programs that offer certificates upon completion as these can add a level of validation to your efforts. Related interdisciplinary courses, such as bioinformatics or computational biology, could also be impressive as they show breadth within your interest.

Make sure to also balance your summer with some hands-on experiences if you can, such as volunteering at a lab or engaging in science outreach. This could add another layer of depth to your application. Best of luck!

7 months ago

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