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Are 'strategies for academic success' classes worth it?

Our school offers a class called Strategies for Academic Success and I'm wondering if it looks good for college? Does anyone know if it's viewed as a rigorous course, or should I use that slot for an AP class instead?

7 months ago

When deciding whether to take a class like 'Strategies for Academic Success,' it's essential to consider both the benefit it may bring to your personal development and how it might be perceived by a college admissions board. While this course can offer valuable skills that contribute to your educational growth, if you're aiming for the most competitive colleges, prioritizing an AP course could be advantageous. AP classes are well-known for their rigor and can strengthen your transcript, showcasing your willingness to challenge yourself academically.

However, if you think that 'Strategies for Academic Success' will significantly improve your overall performance in high school and thus indirectly benefit your college application, it could be worth considering. Ultimately, the best course of action depends on your individual strengths and college goals. Keep in mind that colleges value both course rigor and students who are proactive about their learning strategies.

7 months ago

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