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Dual Enrollment Decisions: Which Classes Will Boost My College App?

Hey folks! I'm trying to figure out which dual enrollment classes would be most advantageous for a high-school junior aiming for a STEM major. I'm juggling interest with strategy because I want to show colleges I can handle tough coursework. Recommendations anyone has would be golden!

7 months ago

Hello there! As you’re aiming for a STEM major, it would be great to focus on classes that will align with your intended field of study. Prioritize higher-level math and science courses, such as Calculus, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics, which will not only demonstrate your aptitude for STEM subjects but also teach you more advanced analytic skills that will prepare you for success in your college courses.

If available, also consider courses in computer science or engineering, as they can show that you're able to focus your general STEM skills more narrowly, which can be particularly appealing on your application for a STEM-oriented program.

While it’s advantageous to challenge yourself, it's also important to maintain a balance and not to overextend yourself. Colleges want to see a strong performance in challenging courses, not just the class names, so aim for a workload where you can achieve success rather than signing up for everything all at once.

Best of luck with your course search!

7 months ago

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