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How does participating in events like HBCU Week improve my college application?

Hey everyone, I've been super involved in promoting HBCU culture in my school and community, especially through events like HBCU Week and the Battle of the Bands. Do colleges value this type of extracurricular engagement, and how would I best highlight it in my application?

7 months ago

Absolutely, colleges do value your engagement in promoting HBCU culture, as it shows your commitment to educational diversity and cultural awareness. Such involvement can be particularly impactful on your college application if you've had a leadership role or have made a significant contribution, as it highlights your initiative and ability to effect change.

When highlighting this in your application, you'll want to focus on the impact of your efforts. For instance, if you organized events, discuss the number of attendees or how the event raised awareness about HBCUs in your community. If you took a leadership role, elaborate on the skills you developed, such as communication, organization, or team management.

Providing specific examples and outcomes of your involvement will give admissions officers a clear picture of your commitment and its significance. Moreover, make sure to convey your passion for the cause and why it matters to you, as colleges also look for authenticity in an applicant's activities. If HBCU culture is something you're deeply invested in, let that enthusiasm shine through in your application.

7 months ago

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