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How does one get started on taking college classes in high school?

Hey everyone, I've heard you can take college classes while still being in high school and I think that could really boost my college app. Does anyone know how to get started with that? Like, do I talk to my guidance counselor or directly reach out to local colleges? And is there a best time to start this during high school?

7 months ago

Absolutely, taking college classes in high school, often referred to as dual enrollment, can be a great addition to your academic experience. As you suspected, you should definitely start by speaking with your high school guidance counselor. They're equipped to inform you of the specific partnership agreements your school may have with local colleges.

These agreements usually outline the process for enrollment, any costs (often reduced or waived for high school students), and how credits transfer. Some high schools have specific timelines or grade-level restrictions for dual enrollment, so it's helpful to initiate this conversation as early as possible.

Typically, students begin taking college courses in their junior or senior years, but earlier planning can ensure you meet any prerequisite requirements. Your counselor can also help you understand how these classes will fit within your high school schedule and assist with the application process if needed.

If your school doesn't have a pre-established relationship with any local colleges, reaching out directly to the schools you're interested in taking classes at would indeed be the move. Just be aware that if there is no pre-existing relationship, there may be more logistical hoops for you jump through, or the school may even say they simply don't offer dual enrollment.

Best of luck with finding college classes that work for you!

7 months ago

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