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Withdrawing a Common App application?

Hey everyone! Does anyone know the steps for withdrawing an application I’ve submitted through the Common App? I’ve decided I want to attend another school that has already admitted me, and I don’t want to waste the admission office's time at the other place. Tips or a walkthrough would be a huge help.

7 months ago

Congratulations on your acceptance to your preferred school! That's wonderful news. To withdraw an application on Common App, you should directly contact the admissions office of the school you're withdrawing from. It's best to do so via email for written confirmation.

In your message, be sure to include your full name, application ID, and a brief explanation for your decision to withdraw your application. A simple statement that you've been accepted elsewhere and have chosen to attend that institution will suffice. Keep the tone respectful and express your gratitude for their consideration.

After sending the email, some schools might require additional steps, so be sure to check if they respond with further instructions. They may also provide confirmation of your withdrawal. Keep a copy of this correspondence for your records just to be thorough. Withdrawing your application is a considerate step that allows the college to focus on other applicants. Well done for thinking of this and best of luck with your educational journey!

7 months ago

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