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First day of class activities in high school—Too old for icebreakers?

So, junior year is about to start, and I'm dreading those typical 'get to know you' games. Do teachers still do those? How can I make the most out of these activities, or should I just suggest something more productive to my teachers?

7 months ago

It's completely natural to feel that way about icebreakers, especially as you become an upperclassman. Rest assured, many teachers are aware that older students might find traditional icebreakers a bit juvenile. However, these activities do serve a purpose in building class camaraderie and easing into the school year, which can be particularly valuable in a junior year that's often academically rigorous.

To make the most of these activities, try to see them as an opportunity to learn something new about your classmates or to share an aspect of yourself that others might not know—this could be beneficial for group projects or networking later on.

If you have ideas for more engaging activities, don't hesitate to share them with your teachers! They'll likely appreciate your initiative, and it could lead to a more productive and enjoyable experience for the entire class.

Just remember to approach the subject respectfully, and perhaps suggest activities that still encourage interaction and getting to know each other, maybe through problem-solving or current events discussions. Good luck with junior year!

7 months ago

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