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Can taking extra classes boost my high school GPA?

So, I'm trying to improve my GPA before I start applying to colleges and was thinking about loading up on some additional classes. Do extra classes actually help in raising your high school GPA, or should I focus on just getting better grades in my current courses?

7 months ago

Absolutely, taking extra classes can be a strategy to boost your GPA, particularly if these are classes in which you can excel. However, balance is key. Overloading your schedule may lead to burnout and could potentially lower your grades across all your courses if you become overwhelmed.

Consider taking classes that not only boost your GPA but also show a challenging course load. This can impress admissions officers by demonstrating that you're not only interested in improving your GPA but are also challenging yourself academically. Concurrently, make sure to prioritize getting good grades in your current courses as they are the foundation of your GPA.

Strategizing like this also leaves room for improvement in academic rigor, which is a factor colleges consider. For example, instead of taking three extra electives, you might want to consider taking one or two AP or honors courses, which could help both with GPA weighting and showing academic rigor.

Another option might be to take community college courses over the summer which can sometimes be weighted more heavily than high school courses. Lastly, remember that while GPA is important, it's not the only aspect of your application, and colleges do look at the rigor of the courses you take, not just the quantity.

7 months ago

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