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Celebrating National HBCU Week

Hey, did anyone participate in National HBCU Week this year? As a junior looking into colleges, I'd love to hear how you all got involved and what sort of events took place. Do you think these events are beneficial for high schoolers to attend, and do they provide good insight into the HBCU life?

7 months ago

Absolutely, National HBCU Week is an incredibly valuable opportunity for high school students like yourself. During this week, many HBCUs organize college fairs, panel discussions, and workshops. These events often feature alumni and current students who share their experiences, tips on admissions, and the vibrant campus life at HBCUs.

The events offer a wealth of information and a chance to network with admissions representatives, which can be quite beneficial when you're compiling your college list or preparing your applications. For instance, attending a virtual workshop on financial aid offered by an HBCU can provide clarity on scholarships exclusive to HBCUs, which may change the way you evaluate schools you thought were out of your budget.

Moreover, attending these events signifies to colleges your genuine interest in them, which can positively affect your application. I highly encourage you to take advantage of such events for more detailed insight into HBCU life, to crystallize your understanding of exactly what these institutions can offer.

Be on the lookout for announcements from HBCUs regarding next year's events, and remember that some even offer virtual tours and student Q&A sessions if you can't attend in person. If you do go, I hope you enjoy this enriching, informative experience!

7 months ago

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