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What's the experience like at HBCU-themed NBA events, like the Memphis Grizzlies HBCU Night?

I’m all about basketball and community spirit, and the Memphis Grizzlies HBCU Night in 2023 caught my eye. For students who've gone to HBCU or similar themed nights, can you share what it’s like? Does the game celebrate HBCU culture in a big way? Oh and does participating in such events look good on college apps as a display of cultural involvement?

7 months ago

Students who have attended the Memphis Grizzlies HBCU Night generally report a vibrant and engaging atmosphere that celebrates HBCU culture. The event spotlights the incredible history and ongoing contributions of HBCUs, so you can expect to see special performances, perhaps by HBCU marching bands or step teams, and other special activities that pay homage to the unique spirit of HBCUs.

As far as college applications go, attending such an event is less about padding your resume and more about personal growth and showing genuine interest in your heritage and community. However, if you were to take a leadership role in organizing a community event to celebrate HBCU culture or if you actively participated in HBCU-related clubs or service projects, this could indeed help illustrate your depth of involvement and commitment to cultural engagement, which can be meaningful to admissions committees.

If you're still unsure exactly where you want to apply/attend, these events could also be a good opportunity to network with HBCU current students and alums, to get a more detailed understanding of which one is the right fit for you.

Remember, admissions officers are looking for authenticity and passion, so focus on doing things that genuinely interest you and align with your values rather than just what might 'look good' on an application. If you do attend one of these events, focus on enjoying yourself above anything else!

7 months ago

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