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What's life like at an HBCU in NYC?

I'm from the East Coast and NYC is a dream city for me. Are there HBCUs in NYC where I can apply? For those who have attended or know someone who did, could you shed some light on what student life is like there?

7 months ago

Hey there! While there aren't any HBCUs located directly in NYC, the closest is Cheyney University in Pennsylvania, which is about a two-hour drive away. I have a friend whose son attended Howard University in Washington D.C., and he loved the experience — it's a bit further away but still on the East Coast.

His experience was very positive due to the vibrant community, rich cultural traditions, and the unique networking opportunities an HBCU offered. The camaraderie among students was one of the highlights, with plenty of clubs, events, and organizations that celebrated their heritage. Also, the alumni network was exceptionally supportive in helping graduates find opportunities after college.

If the HBCU culture is what you’re seeking and you're willing to consider institutions outside of NYC, there are several great options within a manageable distance from the city. But for a true NYC college experience, you might want to explore the diverse set of schools the city offers. Each has its own vibe and advantages, including a deep dive into the cultural melting pot that New York City is famous for!

7 months ago

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