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Is Meharry a good choice for pre-med students interested in HBCUs?

Hey future classmates, I'm a junior with my heart set on medicine and drawn to the idea of attending an HBCU. I've come across Meharry in my search and I'm trying to gather honest opinions on whether it's a strong school for a pre-med track. What're the opportunities there like, especially for students aiming for medical school?

7 months ago

Meharry Medical College is indeed an excellent choice for students interested in a pre-med track, particularly those who value the HBCU experience. As one of the nation's oldest and most distinguished historically black medical schools, Meharry has a strong legacy of educating physicians and health professionals. Students benefit from a supportive environment that values diversity and service to underserved communities, which is invaluable for a medical career.

They are known for providing robust opportunities for clinical experience and research, which are crucial for medical school applications. Meharry also offers a unique program called the MEDPREP (Medical/Dental Education Preparatory) which is designed to enhance the academic and professional credentials of students aspiring to medical or dental school.

Keep in mind that making the most of these opportunities and building a strong application for medical school will depend on your efforts as well. It would be a good idea to inquire directly with recent pre-med graduates or contact their admissions office for more in-depth information about their pre-med advisement and support services.

7 months ago

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